Creating a Character Spine

In previous posts, I have spoken about making sure you come up with a character bio and making sure you have a good solid backstory for each character. Today I have learned about a new feature to add to your character - a character spine. A character spine can be a single keyword that defines … Continue reading Creating a Character Spine

Let Go and Publish That Book

Its never going to perfect - least not in the eyes of the writer. But to the public, how will they know what a talent you are if you don't put it out there.  I am a test subject of this. I have always told everyone I was a writer, had no inventory except … Continue reading Let Go and Publish That Book

Make Us Feel Your Characters

I have been a BETA reader for a few authors, and have edited a couple of novels and the biggest mistake that I find is people do not accurately describe or make you relate to their characters. For example, you want us to love a character and hate another so we have an emotional reaction … Continue reading Make Us Feel Your Characters