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Creating a Character Spine

In previous posts, I have spoken about making sure you come up with a character bio and making sure you have a good solid backstory for each character.

Today I have learned about a new feature to add to your character – a character spine. A character spine can be a single keyword that defines a character’s drive. What motivates them in life?

In an article that was shared with me in class, Every Character Needs A Spine, it describes a part of a Ted Talk that Andrew Stanton did talking about making his story relatable.

In this defining moment, you can create a single focus that makes your character believable. For example, think about what drives you as a person. What is the one thing you focus on in life, your purpose? Many seek forever to find this but for some, it’s as simple as money, for others power.

Me it’s writing, it using my voice to help others create and make a difference in this world.

Using this one keyword will help guide you to have consistent and strong characters.

Let Go and Publish That Book

Its never going to perfect – 

…at least not in the eyes of the writer. But to the public, how will they know what a talent you are if you don’t put it out there. 

I am a test subject of this. I have always told everyone I was a writer, had no inventory except a website and some content I put out for other people. But I encouraged others to write, I told them how to make it, how to market their books for free, how to get their names out in the right circles. 

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Yet! Where was the proof? What did I have to show them that it was possible? A good book will sell, and at the same time every good book doesn’t make the best sellers list immediately. You have to trust the process and at least get your work out. 

I can only say that, because this week I finally did it. I put out a novella, its not really long enough to be considered a novel. The reviews I have been getting back have been amazing and encouraging, because now people know that the talent I claimed was real. The glimpse in small pieces led to something way more. 

So what’s stopping you?

I know my own mind had me second guessing myself. It had me thinking it wasn’t good enough, I had to get it perfect. School made me put it out. It was a graduation requirement and I am grateful for it. Now I am ready to get back to writing and get more out. This time I am going to try pre-marketing and see how it goes. I want us to be able to give our writers the best information, so that when they sign with us they know they have options.

Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash

Put a sticky note on your computer! You can do this and you will feel so much better once you do! It was like I was on cloud nine for a few days. I was motivational, I was proud, aware and realized that I could call myself a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! I am a published author yal!!! The feeling like you finally finished and showed part of what you do all day is important and uplifting even if only to yourself. Of course it helped because it motivated a few of my other author friends.

This company will not be like the other companies that try to hit your head. We are an indie publishing company with the idea of getting the best books out there to you. I love finding new writers, and discovering new books, and we plan on putting those books out to you. SO just know that this indie publishing company is a publishing company for writers, by a writer!

Starting this month in July I will do a book recommendation of the month. That will give you all an eye of what we here at Love Tichelle Publishing are reading!

“If no ones told you today, know that we love you here!”


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Writers Block – You can escape it!

Writers Block – Its a pause, not the end of the world that many writers make it out to be. Usually its because of stress, too much on the mind, clutter around you; the list can go on and on. But how do you get out of it?

  • Word dump – this is my favorite. You just start writing everything that is on your mind until creativity hits you. This is not an immediate fix. Sometimes I have to word dump for a week to get the stuff thats on my mind out of it.
  • Change of scenery – Are you writing you at home? Are those piles of clothes haunting you? Get out! Go to Starbucks, a library, or somewhere peaceful and get creative there.
  • Go to a writers group – Sometimes hearing the click clack of others typing helps me to get focused. We also do word sprints, where we take five minutes and see who can get the most words during that time. Me, I am horrible at them because I edit while I write, which I try not to do.
  • DO NOT edit while you write! Don’t reread to catch up. Just write. I found that when I reread or go back I tend to spend time editing instead of writing.
  • Write the scene you’re feeling at the moment. If you have the story planned and mapped out some story writing platforms (Scrivener, Dabble) will let you write out of order. If I am sad, I write a scene that is feeling that. If I am angry, I kill someone off. (Does that sound psycho? Maybe a little bit.)

You can do this! Keep pushing and stop avoiding this book. Your words are supposed to be read by someone.

Finding Your Title

Next to the Cover, its the Most Important Thing

So you got your characters down, the plot is hitting and your manuscript is building fast,

so now what do you name it?

Naming your book is extremely important because its what draws readers in besides the description. Its one of the first things you see. I have heard some people try to name their book before writing it, which I find hard to do. Because you want your book title to be relevant to the book.

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Make Us Feel Your Characters

I have been a BETA reader for a few authors, and have edited a couple of novels and the biggest mistake that I find is people do not accurately describe or make you relate to their characters.

For example, you want us to love a character and hate another so we have an emotional reaction to the outcome of the book. I love books where I feel like I am friends, or I know these people personaly. Which is why you definitely need to do a character chart on your characters. For example this download here:

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