So often Publishing Companies limit authors on what they can write, or make them have an agent to even get their writing seen. Its harder to get good books with good content, because most of the time the “agents” only accept what they prefer, in which I understand. But what if you could cut the middle man out. Write the books you want to read and then get published without a lot of extra.

Many people are saying self publish, but what about those who don’t know marketing, need a team behind them or need some help on how to do it. We are the team for you. We help you in anyway you can and come up with a plan for you, and the best thing about it, if you don’t make money, neither do we.

Now because we invest our money and time, we cannot take every project, but we can offer alternative services, which is help you to make your book better, assign you a ghost writer, or walk you through self-publishing. Never give up, everyone has a story and every story should be heard, well, maybe.

Tell us your story. We would love to hear it. In the meantime, check out the books and items we have available!!!!

For more information email us at lovetichelle@gmail.com

Tiffany A – CEO