Creating a Character Spine

In previous posts, I have spoken about making sure you come up with a character bio and making sure you have a good solid backstory for each character.

Today I have learned about a new feature to add to your character – a character spine. A character spine can be a single keyword that defines a character’s drive. What motivates them in life?

In an article that was shared with me in class, Every Character Needs A Spine, it describes a part of a Ted Talk that Andrew Stanton did talking about making his story relatable.

In this defining moment, you can create a single focus that makes your character believable. For example, think about what drives you as a person. What is the one thing you focus on in life, your purpose? Many seek forever to find this but for some, it’s as simple as money, for others power.

Me it’s writing, it using my voice to help others create and make a difference in this world.

Using this one keyword will help guide you to have consistent and strong characters.

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