Writers Block – You can escape it!

Writers Block – Its a pause, not the end of the world that many writers make it out to be. Usually its because of stress, too much on the mind, clutter around you; the list can go on and on. But how do you get out of it?

  • Word dump – this is my favorite. You just start writing everything that is on your mind until creativity hits you. This is not an immediate fix. Sometimes I have to word dump for a week to get the stuff thats on my mind out of it.
  • Change of scenery – Are you writing you at home? Are those piles of clothes haunting you? Get out! Go to Starbucks, a library, or somewhere peaceful and get creative there.
  • Go to a writers group – Sometimes hearing the click clack of others typing helps me to get focused. We also do word sprints, where we take five minutes and see who can get the most words during that time. Me, I am horrible at them because I edit while I write, which I try not to do.
  • DO NOT edit while you write! Don’t reread to catch up. Just write. I found that when I reread or go back I tend to spend time editing instead of writing.
  • Write the scene you’re feeling at the moment. If you have the story planned and mapped out some story writing platforms (Scrivener, Dabble) will let you write out of order. If I am sad, I write a scene that is feeling that. If I am angry, I kill someone off. (Does that sound psycho? Maybe a little bit.)

You can do this! Keep pushing and stop avoiding this book. Your words are supposed to be read by someone.

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