Finding Your Title

Next to the Cover, its the Most Important Thing

So you got your characters down, the plot is hitting and your manuscript is building fast,

so now what do you name it?

Naming your book is extremely important because its what draws readers in besides the description. Its one of the first things you see. I have heard some people try to name their book before writing it, which I find hard to do. Because you want your book title to be relevant to the book.

I sometimes find my title while writing. A word or phrase can signal the whole parameters of your book. But relevance is super important. You dont want your title to be misleading, I have read several books like that, although it didnt stop me from reading the books. The outside is only the eye catcher, its all about the words on the inside.

You could also make the name part of the mistery, or a phrase that makes someone stop and try to figure out what it will be about. It needs to be part of what draws your readers in.

I say, start writing, the title will come to you, and you may change it twenty times before you publish it, but base the title on your book, not your book on your title. This is also relevant to articles or blog post. You want to draw the reader in with a reason to continue listening, and not become click bait. There is nothing worse than a title that only draws you in with no real information.

What are some names of Titles that confused or irritated you?

unsplash-logoDmitry Ratushny

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