Finding Your Voice

Your Voice in Writing? What is That?


When you are writing, you have to make sure that your voice stands out. You cannot write in someone elses style, because, well then you get accused of plagerism. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

Before I found my voice, I worked for a small newspaper. This was before I furthered education, and I wasnt aware of a voice in writing. He only hired me because he thought I would be easy to get rid of when the guy who was out temporarily beat cancer, sad to say he didn’t.


But, back on topic… I was writing article after article and he always saying it was missing something. So a wonderful woman, for the life of me, I cannot remember her name, took me under her wings because I was a newbie in the industry, and frankly I was tired of the “I’m not racist because I have 3 black friends speach.” Trust me he had many of those stories, and they were all annoying, rest his soul.

So this woman had a style that was making news more creative, she would talk about the people to make them personable, which made the story come to life. I wrote about an archery event at a park, and I killed it. The article was amazing and I was impressed that I wrote that. As proud as I was, I was heartbroken to know that my editor asked this woman if she wrote the article for me. I felt like I had taken so much time to put all of me into an article and he didnt even think I wrote it. I stompt in his article and demanded answers from him.

giphy1He asked me to resign that day. He said that writing wasnt for me, that perhaps I should be a secretary, or an office worker.  Suprisingly I ran into him while I was pregnant and he congratulated my child’s father and said I was meant to be that way – barefoot and pregnant. Ooh the words I had for him that day, cannot be expressed in a nice way.

But now thinking back on it, with schooling and education, I realized that I had no voice. My articles I thought had to be watered down because they were in a newspaper, but she showed me that having a voice, and speaking about an event from your point of view never has to be waterred down. All you have is your voice, and your voice separates you from everyone else’s writing style.

Take your time and think about what separates your words from others, or what you admire in your favorite writers. Once you find your voice, you will find writing articles or essays will be alot easier.

unsplash-logofrank mckenna

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